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My intent was to take the mountain bike for a short cruise around the neighborhood. "short" turned out to be about 30 miles.

I am hoping to get some spare cycles tonight to stitch together a few things with a bit of Python code for some streamlines posts.

I just learned that there are shortages for some medications and that the fall-back meds are also going out of stock. Suppliers are telling people that it may take 9-10 months to get back to normal. Has anyone else experienced this?

Is there a Nespresso pod out there that doesn't create a layer of foam?

I would go to Vegas with my stimulus check, but I'm already there.

I ordered a bunch of guitar picks the other day, and I don't even play guitar (or any other stringed instrument for that matter). Hopefully they come in soon so I can get back to crafting?

Someone recently reminded me that no one ever got rich teaching tai chi. My first thought was... 

I wonder if any of these people would be interested in a free lesson.

I've only seen one major site call the race we've all been watching.

The window garden is coming along nicely. Slowly adding new plants. I'm starting to get some more peppers.

I've started tinkering with various recipe management apps to track my various mustache wax and beard balm recipes. I have finally outgrown the paper notebook.

This happened in two different tabs for different instances...

I'm trying to find a good domain name for another project. Unfortunately, finding something unique that doesn't overlap with a large corporation is proving to be a challenging exercise.

My old spring scale is not very consistent for my small batches of mustache wax so I bought a small digital kitchen scale. Now that I've got several recipes that I like I'll be working on getting them scented. I'll also be making a few small batches of beard balm.

It's my favorite time of year... 

open enrollment for insurance.

I'm up because NVEnergy thought 2AM is good time to call and remind me to conserve energy.

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