Just read that the % of folks wearing seat belts has been decreasing for a long time and in 2020, 51% of those killed in accidents were not wearing them. Also, one third of traffic deaths are assumed to be caused, or the wrecks worsened, by bad roads. The Democrat-initiated infrastructure bill is just in time. We know Republicans would let ruin and disaster take over completely.

Elon's interview about Twitter is just as pathetic and awful as you expect. It was was always a crapshoot who would be the world's richest slob and humanity lost badly.

Rick Caruso supporters include:

Ted Sarandos
Elon Musk
Kim Kardashian
Gwyneth Paltrow
Katy Perry
Scooter Braun
Bryan Lourd
Maria Shriver
George Lopez
Dana Walden
Evan Spiegel
Sean Bailey
Adam Aron

Is Twitter like a horror movie where we think Elon is gone but we wake up in the middle of the night and he is gnawing our legs off?

What's on your playlist this weekend? I like every kind of music. I make noises with instruments but I would not call myself a musician.

What are your favorite first sentences of novels or short stories?

Where did I put my 44 billion dollars? It was right here by the coffee maker!

The tagline for this 2008 book called Exile Cinema is pretty good but doesn't realize that while using "madmen" as laudatory is quite fun, it's also androcentric! Is it so hard to say "madmen and madwomen"? English will change when we consciously change it. And we should.

"Outside the shrinking American film-culture market there is a vast movie-crazed world where madmen, geniuses, and apostates roam freely, subject to a relatively minimal degree of corporate industry and spin control."

With all this new social media I’m setting up a <fourth> screen so soon my East Columbia Building Penthouse Executive Suite will resemble Warlock’s Command Post (Kevin Smith in that Die Hard sequel I can't remember which one) sans the Gears of War product placement and Boba Fett fetishes.

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