Okay, so, before HRT, I was really uncomfortable with my chest and hated being without a shirt ever. Now that I've been on HRT a while, I feel a lot more comfortable with it, and more comfortable with being shirtless -- but I have boobs now, so I can't be shirtless most of the time for other reasons 😂


okay, being a trans girl was fun, now when do I get to be a cis girl?

Just got back from electro after a second lengthy hiatus!! Smöoth 😌😌😌


Not shaving to prepare for electro seriously wears me down, even when I'm not focusing on it. Like, that part of the week is when I feel most depressed every single time

Ugh, I can't wait to move out, I've been sneezing non-stop since I got back to my parents' house. Goddamn cats -_-

This was a response to a post where I was venting about dysphoria, too

Should have just responded with "Good."

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I literally just had someone (a trans woman) try to tell me that cishet men experience discrimination in trans communities 🤦‍♀️

ohno won't someone think of cishet dudes


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