I don't really like Signal. I don't like Telegram either. Wire is acceptable, but also clunky. It kinda sucks that people have to basically choose and commit to one app with all of their contacts now, if IM apps were federated like e-mail and Mastodon you could just keep talking to your friends from wherever.

Okay guys it's been 9 hours you can stop saying XMPP now.


@Gargron There was a time when the XMPP federation seemed to come true. Almost Google and Facebook allowed communication with every server. Today, unfortunately XMPP is dead. The big ones have implemented a thousand local standards. Sad.

@szczezuja @Gargron The worst part is that Google turned off s2s in GTalk SILENTLY and without warning.
Back then I _convinced_ many people to start using GTalk because it was XMPP, and suddenly they all started asking through side channels why I'd been offline in GTalk for weeks.
"Don't be evil", my ass.

XMPP never reached a clear goal other than just sending messages like the old fashioned way, but matrix looks promising
@szczezuja @Gargron

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