If there are any gopher apps (like web apps) on ? If there are, what are the best of them?

I’m still thinking about Gopher vs. . Mandatory TLS on Gemini allows easy paswordless logins, and seems to be great base for creating gemini apps. Is gopher apps is biggest limitation of that protocol in comparison to Gemini?

Hmm… no any response. Do you know any gopher apps (I mean something like a web app) in ?

@szczezuja These protocols are simple, clean, and very useful for their problem domains. Providing an application platform isn't the goal.

They can be stretched a bit (e.g., via cgi, as with or by using paths of selectors to hold some state), and I've used specially crafted gopher servers for a block storage backend for a forth system and in implementing a kind of wiki. But neither protocol is designed for this, and that's ok.

@crc Thanks for your reply. I understand that is not a platform for web apps, and it has a simple base. But I was curious about the most interesting usage of that protocol.

Link provided by you was interesting for me, because it has “Gopher servers established after 1999 list”:
And something called “Greatest hits”:

@crc It is said on above page that list could go beyond . It’s important for me because there are many tutorials about what is (from technical side), or how to browse Gopher (clients list etc.). But there are hard to find where is the active part of Gophersphere, and what to do on it. I feel that Veronica is providing mostly archive results. Or many Gopher sites are proxy for content published on HTTP, Gemini etc. in some technical case study, not for using it.

@crc Back to web apps on Gopher, yesterday I’ve read about:
It’s interesting use case. I haven’t seen something before nor on HTTP, nor on Gemini. But again the question is it active use case? I try to figure out such things.

@szczezuja a lot of interesting things end up requiring non-standard extensions to the protocol.

As an example, you can use queries to do some limited updates to data remotely, but the standard only allows for short strings to be passed via this; you'd need to extend it to support something like a wiki. E.g.,

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