Hey users, how you were using the Internet in the 1991-1995? I had been asking this question before, but this time I am with it specially on !


@szczezuja My first tech support job was with IBM. They had an amazing, surfable LAN. Internal FTP and Gopher sites, accessible modem banks for BBSing. It's a wonder I got any work done.


@Everbern Do I understand this correct. You said that IBM had internal Gopher sites? I’m interested in sort of Gopher resources. If it was mainly academic stuff, or something more.

@szczezuja I'm not sure they were "official". I remember there being all sorts of stuff: from tech info to ascii art to fiction. A subset of what you'd find on textfiles.com now. I recall reading many Lovecraft stories someone had taken the time to type into text files.

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