Finally got around to watching the first couple of episodes of the Obi-Wan series. The long string of flashbacks to the prequels wasn't a great way to kick off Ep1 (I really didn't dig those). I was bored through most of the episode and wondering if I might just skip this one. Then it got much better at the end and I quite enjoyed Ep2.

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@strypey I kept thinking, "Help me Obi-Wan Kinobi." The flashbacks were helpful maybe because I never saw those weird limbo episodes. Maybe they assumed many people haven't seen those. I'm enjoying the series so far as well.

I can see the need for establishing when the series is set relative to the SW timeline and filling in any back story necessary to understanding it. I just think a looong string of 'previously on' clips from old movies was a lazy way to do it. What about having Obi-Wan tell his story to that Jedi who finds him, so that whole interaction has a narrative purpose?

@strypey that would have been better. I get a rushed feeling from all these series. I like them, but to your point they are pretty lazy.

I've been thinking I need to ask myself more often if I'd keep watching a movie or series, if it wasn't set in a narrative universe I've enjoyed in the past. I stopped watching Clone Wars a while back because the answer was clearly 'no'. I persisted with Boba Fett but the answer was 'no' there too. If it wasn't SW related I would have pulled the pin when the fluro moped gang turned up.

@strypey I had a hard time with Boba Fet too, but I made it through. I fell for the gimmick. I watched it because I saw somewhere that Grogu and Mando were in it and I was jonesing for more Grogu. I'm a sucker for Yoda. so . . . they were in the last one or two. I got lost at the wannabe artistic dream sequences and warrior training and adoption to the sand people. I also got lost wondering how that mod kid would really be able to pull off making that lady's guts bionic.

I think what studios and especially audiences are ignoring in all this mining of older favourites, is the inverse relationship between quantity and quality. The simplest demonstration of this is (most) fan fiction. I wonder how many great new story universes are being crowded out - especially in long form video like film and streaming series - by the reboot fetish.

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