@Timmy only thing microsoft changed with this dialogue since 2012 :^)

@minervissa and they say activitypub isn't a good supplement for tumblr, where else could i get content like this

mention of nsfw 

@thatonecalculator thats it, cum piracy
you wouldn't download a splooge

mention of nsfw 

@lanodan being a furry gives status immunity to pornbots and porn ads
life hack

@hatkidchan elon first order of business as twitter owner: vaporize hkc

@cwebber thank you Jane ActivityPub, CEO of ActivityPub

(insert obligatory "css itself is busted" here)

@256 my brain is trying to interpret this image as a shitpost but the fact it appears to actually be a genuine opinion piece from the era is causing a short-circuit

help mastodon.online is falling apart like a deck of cards

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