@gergely maybe I'm late, but I use KeePassDX on android. It could be downloaded from .

@gamey @cooper
I'm using with from an repository, it is stable for me.

but hey, use or use .

both of them are open and reliable.
give them a try!

xmpp is very mature btw.

- Schildichat (element fork)
- Molly IM (signal fork)
- k9 email
- jitsi

@ashimokawa@mastodon.technology @jordila

I'm waiting for Elon to tweet:

imho gitea is the best git solution now!

You can setting up basic auth on web-element page :)

But the real solution is what @Bubu made on matrix.bubu1.eu/register?lang=

He asks for a token which is genereted by himself. πŸ‘

Guten Morgen!
Und mehr coffee, bitte! πŸ€ͺ

Hi! After 3 years usage I can confirm that is a very cool project.
But I can't leave for matrix, both are really usable and secure.
I can recommend you too, but it is in early stage now.

Btw matrix server (afaik) has p2p feature.

So, "Use matrix" && "Use xmpp" && "Use briar"! :)

hi! I think no!
you can use fedilab to connect your account on android
but with your mastodon account you can follow (and so on) a pixelfed user.
afaik , , , speak the same language... protocol name is

but you get my boost, in order to get better answers :)

@senfcall @0hlov3
I like very much, but () service is my favorite!
I think the whiteboard feature of is priceless for the children.

@Coffee HaHa 😁
And I need a tinfoil hat 😏

A New Satellite Can Peer Inside Some Buildings, Day or Night

I found this article right now. It's a bit scary!

Should I really live in a Faraday cage in the future? :)

@milan @gamehawk
with one of my friends signal works... with the others works not, it's down. we are all in EU.

1.) beide sind gut, ich mag lieber matrix
2-- element oder schildichat als client (fluffychat ist noch sehr neu, syphon android ist sexy aber alpha)

so +1 zu mit eigenem homeserver

@cat @egret
I used to love that cube, when I was younger... much younger 😊
Mr. Rubik is a genius!
...but this cubelube surprised me! πŸ˜‚

I'm very sad, you have the most cutest avatar ever! πŸ€—
(and thank you for your work!)


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