Hi folks 👋, I wanted to do a little intro. I’m Scott, best known for my work for @adafruit on . I’m also interested in FPGAs, civic tech and first and foremost being a Dad. My kiddo was born ~5 weeks ago so I’ve been mostly offline doing diaper changes and cuddling. Next week is my last full week off for this first part of leave. I’ll take more leave in the fall. So, hopefully soon I’ll participate more here and leave twitter for the doom scrolling.

@tannewt (I bestow upon you my first typo over here (I think?))

@osterwood @tannewt Have you found the "Delete & Re-Draft" option yet? It is quite handy even if it is not exactly "edit"...

@esden @tannewt I did see it — but reconsidered as more comedy this way?

@osterwood @tannewt ohh sure, of course. Sorry for barging in. Did not mean to provide unsolicited advice but still did. Carry on. :D (it is funny, some things don't change no matter what platform one is on I guess :D)

@esden @tannewt I understand the lack of an edit button — besides the technical difficulties (even more so here due to decentralized nature), it is ripe for abuse and poor behavior

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