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The PCBs for version 2.1 arrived, and I think I'm finally happy with the device. The screen aligns with the silkscreen, the traces for the touchpads no longer get in the way, and it looks cleaner without the doodles.

I also wrote a log about the whole PewPew ecosystem, and how you don't even need the dedicated device (though it makes things easier).


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Got distracted and made treemap.dev for viewing treemap JSON files.

@deshipu For every node with one incoming edge, find all successors that are only reachable from the first node. Each node has a size that we can sum for total byte size.

@deshipu Correct, find the "rogue" references that pull in a lot of code. CP modules will probably be highlighted too

Calling all graph nerds! I've generated a graph of elf sections in firmware. How would I find the edges I could cut to remove code from my binary? (Think -fgc-sections) github.com/adafruit/elf-sectio

@tommythorn the Zynq board is 1/10th the price. May not be as many luts as you want though.

Anyone know a good overview of the Matter spec? All I can find is marketing material.

I've been thinking about WiFi provisioning over BLE for anyway.

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@foosel One rule of thumb I apply to my role leading is to make sure there isn’t anything that only I can do. Those tasks add extra stress because you alone must do them. I hope that rule of thumb can help you too.

@brennen opt in through the profile directory would work. I was surprised that the four profile fields are free form. We could propose a standard “Twitter” key for it.

Posted to bird site too:

Anyone else want to start a new political party that is beholden to constituents instead of the rich status quo? I’ve got an idea for a proportional party that has the sole shared belief in proportional representation.

It can also start and grow at any level of government with a representative body.

@seb I work from home (have since before the pandemic) so I hope to give her breaks during the day too. I have a pack and play setup in my office.

Any parents have tips for merging pre-baby work life with new baby life? I’m back to work next week and curious about what it ends up being. Luckily work is flexible. I snuck a listen of the weekly while changing a diaper and everyone is still doing awesome things.

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Anyone know of a Twitter handle -> Mastodon handle index?

Hi folks 👋, I wanted to do a little intro. I’m Scott, best known for my work for @adafruit on . I’m also interested in FPGAs, civic tech and first and foremost being a Dad. My kiddo was born ~5 weeks ago so I’ve been mostly offline doing diaper changes and cuddling. Next week is my last full week off for this first part of leave. I’ll take more leave in the fall. So, hopefully soon I’ll participate more here and leave twitter for the doom scrolling.


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