The toilet wasn't flushing and they arrived with a new toilet. Two gas hobs wouldn't light up and they changed the whole gas stove.

Website refresh went very well, along with revisions and adding new content. There's still more to be done, but, upload speeds permitting, it should happen in the next couple of days.

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Updating one of the websites I manage with the hope that nobody will be visiting it in the dead of night.

Powering up the degrumpification ray and pointing it at the face I had when dancing today.

Third morning in a row that I am awake at 5 AM, cleaning the kitchen. Not exactly my life's calling. No mice yet.

Write here the message you would regret sending to an individual person.

Wearing a scarf indoors ensures I can still have bare legs even when it's cold in the apartment.

When you have a horizontal pan in your video and it's jittery.

Don't suppose my lens will take better pictures now that it has a texture filter?

I wish there was a dog in the mix, but finding an apartment is difficult enough as is.

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Too busy living it up with the ability to go outside to write about it.

Behance told me to promote my work, so here it is:

This is a great performance piece that I am quite fond of and I'm glad I had the opportunity to both see it again last year AND take photos. The overly grainy photos fit the piece too, I would say.

Has it been six days already? Well, today is the last day of self-isolation, so tomorrow is going to be wild.

Perhaps could benefit from some custom Fediverse emojis, including the Mastodon logo? @Gargron

Ah, what a beautiful curated resource for everything art, media and humanities. The Monoskop!

It's run by Dušan Barok (originally) from Bratislava.

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