I love the content warning option. I don't see any problem with using it loads.

Some peeps are upset by seeing things, so it's simple to say what a toot is about and they can scroll on.

I'm actively avoiding stuff about war and politics when I can. So thank you to people CWing those toots.

@tattooed_mummy Not only that, but if you hate content warnings so much, there is a setting in Mastodon to just expand them all so they read like normal toots.

@rootfs I didn't know that. This is all so flexible for people. It's great

@tattooed_mummy I feel like every week I'm learning something new and cool about Mastodon. It's great!

@KnightSwan67 slugging about on the sofa. Mr TM wants to go out but its dreary. Might take the dogs out somewhere. You?

Chilling. First day at New school tomorrow, nervous. But looking forward to it at the same time. Can't manage all 4 on my own lol.

@tattooed_mummy I'm begining to get my head round using them and have taken the viee that if in doubt add one

@tattooed_mummy Agreed - something Twitter really needs, though I doubt will ever get with their "free speech" mandate.

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