Seriously. Stop worrying about visibility of your toots.
I'm here from bird hell. It's a different place. Things are slower here. Just chat. Be friendly. Relax.

I use Snapchat. There I just chat with people, I don't put stuff out, I use it differently. Different social media is different and that's OK.

Also. You're doing great. You are worth treats, you are worth time. I appreciate you and your input, even when I don't favourite/like 🌟 your toot. Nopes, I use Misskey and so far I know I can not like as Mastodon has! I do have reactions but you won't be able to see those via Mastodon =3 I do see when Mastodon users like, then it uses a '👍' but whenever I do this it's not equal back (I think)

@tattooed_mummy they were having a sale so I have a whole canister that I am trying to make last the week.

@HooksandDragons @tattooed_mummy milk caramel I think. The gold one. I have a feeling double dark chocolate is next.

@Dananner @tattooed_mummy gold are white choc, blue is dark choc (or thats the flavours in the UK, I'm assuming they're the same in the states, but probably wrong)

@tattooed_mummy @HooksandDragons that was definitely milk when unwrapped. But I know what you mean. The store had about 20 flavors and I got 2 of each 😂

@HooksandDragons @tattooed_mummy the regular bags of truffles bought at the grocery store— blue is milk here and dark is brown and white is gold.

@Dananner @tattooed_mummy 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤 I'm so tempted to order another box, but I have no will power when it comes to Lindt and I need to lose weight atm

@HooksandDragons @tattooed_mummy ditto. At least the gas prices are high enough here in the States that I have decided to walk more. If it's under 2mi, I try to block out the time (city living) to walk those errands. Bonus, groceries = weight lifting. I'm also the sort to buy things and let it stare at me for ages out of guilt.

@Dananner @tattooed_mummy I don't drive so use to walk everywhere pre covid, not possible now (at the momemt, hence the need to alter my diet)

@HooksandDragons @tattooed_mummy I have to find something different for my mom this year because she has also sworn off sweets for special occasions

@Dananner @tattooed_mummy ha, my dad did that one year, it was bloody impossible to buy him gifts (he buys anything he wants himself)

@Dananner @HooksandDragons @tattooed_mummy I am *pretty sure* this should have had an Extreme Deliciousness content warning...😁 What's the one with the guy in a wig on? I'm sure I've had those before but I can't remember what's in them...

@elhadjimurad @HooksandDragons @tattooed_mummy my BF kept the marzipan for himself I think. He gave me all the coffee varieties.

@Dananner @HooksandDragons @tattooed_mummy they sound nice though. Still, he probably needs a warning about his behaviour... 🤔 😁

@elhadjimurad @HooksandDragons @tattooed_mummy it's a good compromise. I filled up a cherry blossom cylinder with truffles and he went for all the fancy ones. We traded flavors this afternoon. He's always looking for my chocolate stash!

@Dananner @HooksandDragons @tattooed_mummy They all look delicious. It looks like you have some kinds we don't have in the UK.

@Dananner @tattooed_mummy they are gorgeous, but the hazelnut noisette ones just top it for me, they are like a cross between a lindor ball and a Ferrero Rocher

@HooksandDragons @tattooed_mummy no worries, I will be walking to the grocery store and an extra walk for Molly to offset these.

@tattooed_mummy exactly... sometimes I find myself replying to +3 years old toots.

if you put it out there... some ones, someday, will get it.

@KnicksRIP thank you. Ironically a toot saying don't worry about numbers... Has done numbers. 🙄😂 But it's still true

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