Half of UK employees 'threaten to quit' if they can't work from home
If you were in the privileged position of being able to work from home during the pandemic, you have got used to the flexibility of managing your hours and the increased freedoms of not having to commute.

Now, many bosses want people back in the office – it looks like they could have a fight on their hands.

@tattooed_mummy We had a unique opportunity to reduce emissions from cars, reduce road congestion, increase job satisfaction, rejuvenate our high streets with small businesses serving the home working market and we've squandered it, with the government leading the way to serve the commercial landlords and big business owners who fund them. It's criminal.

@tattooed_mummy Well...I believe that's mostly sabre-rattling. But it will be more difficult for employers to find employees in the future when there is no flixibility.

For now, you don't give up a job that easily. Especially when you're at a certain age. Younger ones maybe. Older ones will remember the 1980s and Thatcher.

@qugart ha. I changed jobs to one that was working from home a year before the pandemic. I'm in my 50s

@qugart I don't think people will just walk. But they will actively seek a new job, then move to it. Like I did

@tattooed_mummy Changed is key here. I don't think there is too much choice nowadays.
Labour market's still lower than 3 years ago.
I personally do not see a substantial recovery. Nowhere, but I guess Britain will suffer a lot.

@tattooed_mummy I work in retail so don’t have the working from home option. Before i was furloughed in 2020 though I did it for about 6 weeks.

I found it lovely. Didn’t have to race around the house getting ready. Could hop on just before 9, log off at 5:30.

If I would have done the same online chat job in store I wouldn’t have covered half the chats I did at home.

I don’t understand the forced office return orders for people, unless it’s for tax breaks or something.

@Kashouri in the UK it's about office landlords. Many are mates with those in power and donate to the political parties, some are the people in power themselves! So they lose money if we don't need the office space.
In reality they could change and rent the space as homes, but that would take effort 🙄

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