Joining the community here felt exactly like joining twitter in the early 2000s.
There was no algorithm there then. Stars/likes were private, just seen by you and the person who's tweet you liked. The only way to find new people was by RTs or suggestions from friends. They only used hashtags, as search didn't really work...
This feels like home. A comfy cabin in the woods while the city went wild. I hope this doesn't try to constantly "get better". Simplicity is good.

@tattooed_mummy A reason for optimism: where Twitter went wrong was when the “advertising business” people within Twitter (whose priority was “engagement”, however achieved) prevailed over the “platform” people. The #fediverse is the decentralised platform Twitter decided not to become, which makes it harder for it to go wrong in quite the way Twitter did.

Morning. Yes. You’re right. A small, safe space that’s friendly and happy. Where you can pop on in the morning without your stress levels soaring!

@tattooed_mummy yes to all of this. I don't want to be a twitter competitor, I'd rather it be a healthier alternative.

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