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started learning japanese a while back. its affirming when i can read a few kanji or hiragana characters from japanese posts on fedi

it's not called immigration its called getting isekai'd

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I'm still banned from his twitch for spamming "ever heard of the big monkeyz" yanderedev please unban me

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eh, like the redesigns would be popular enough for him to see, but one time I made an anti-yansim discord server for the meme and he straight up joined it. so I feel like he actively seeks out critical content kek

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I wanna redesign the yandere sim characters one day because I honestly do like the characters and I think itd be fun but I also dont need yanderedev to harass me lmao

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I really gotta like parental controls block twitter from my phone or something. I go on there to like just see what people are talking about the new gorillaz vid but I end up just seeing some bullshit I get mad about before i can even get to it

people hating on kanye for crying during his rally? for a legitimately good reason? idc what you think of his policies but it's so refreshing to have a candidate who doesnt act like a robot

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Who are these people that are smart enough to have a hot bitcoin wallet but dumb enough to fall for a double your btc back scam.

I have decided to give back to my community.

All Bitcoin sent to my address below will be sent back doubled. I am only doing a maximum if $10,000,000.


Only going on for 30 minutes!

welcome to gary's world. devil is a part timer all day everyday. random games that I manage to pirate. a diet that consists of doritos and chinese food. depression

dear future college roommate: I deeply apologize for the amount of shit media I watch that I'm gonna make you endure

I'd like to think that maou decided to give urushihara such a long name just to spite him. "you tried to defy me huh? well good luck trying to spell your new name. also we registered you as being younger than us lol"

there is no getting off of mr west's wild ride

I'm scared of college I'm scared of people

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