Hey everyone!

We just created a for my healthcare (colonoscopy + gastroscopy) and electricity bills.

We have to raise around 1000€.

You can read more about it on the GoFundMe link below.

Any help is appreciated, thank you. Please boost 🙏🏻


Thanks for the two donations while I was asleep. 🙏🏻

It means the world to me to know that I'll may be able to undergo the exam I desperately need!


Thanks a lot for the last donation!

105/1000€ now, thank you SO much we're so grateful for your help!

The last donation was almost an hour ago and thanks to it now we're at 143€/1000€!

Thank you so much for sharing and donating. You're really saving us.

Thanks for the donation!


There's still a long way to go so please keep on boosting as it's an health emergency.

Thank you once again. 🙏🏻

Omg someone just donated 100€, thank you so much that's so generous and will help a lot!

283€/1000€! 💙


Thank you so much for helping us through those dark days, it truly means a lot.

Y'all are amazing!

Thanks for the donation!


We're so thankful for your solidarity and I feel like there's hope for me as I'll soon be able to finally undergo my exams and find out what's wrong in order to fix it. Yay!! ☺️

Boosts are still deeply appreciated because we still have to raise money for it. Thank you!

Thank you so much for the donation!

368€/1000€, that's awesome!


Just received a big donation on PayPal!

150€, so we've got half of what we need in total now with the 368€ on GoFundMe.

Thank you so much!! ☺️

Btw if you'd rather give money on my PayPal instead of the GoFundMe, here's the link: paypal.me/VirgileMougin

Boosts are appreciated, thanks!

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Just received a 50€ donation, I'm so grateful thank you so much!

Thanks a lot for the 10€ donation! Any help is truly appreciated

Thank you so much for the donation ten minutes ago!

GFM update: 628/1000€ and ten days left to raise what's missing.

Fingers crossed. 🤞🏻

Thanks for everything, dear fedifriends!

Thanks to everyone whom donated (and boosted until now), we're almost there!

GFM update: 913€/1000€.

Please help us raise what's missing so we can pay and get back on our feet without having the power cut off.

Boosts still appreciated, thank you 💙

GoFundMe update: 933€/1000€.

We're so close! The goal is almost reached. We are so grateful!

I'm asking one last time, if you wanna help us financially so the power doesn't get cut off on two disabled folks with no family support, here are our GFM and PayPal links:

GFM: gofund.me/b5679d3b

PayPal: paypal.me/VirgileMougin

Boosts are truly appreciated please.

Don't put yourself in a difficult situation by giving us money if you can't, do it only if you want and can!

Thank you so much 💙

GoFundMe update: 1010€/1000€! It's done, the goal is reached!!! 🎉

Thank you so much for your donations and for boosting my toots. You can't imagine how thankful and grateful we are.

We're gonna be able to pay the electricity bills immediately when the money will arrive on my bank account, and I'll also pay for my exams as mentioned in the GFM.

Can't believe we've raised the amount needed. I'm crying rn, thank you fedifriends, thank you so much for saving us.

Sending all my love to y'all. 💙

@alecui Yesss I'm relieved, I'm so glad we made it. Thank you so much for your help!

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