One mechanic is the ability to change the move loadout of the player. They have 3 "Forms", each representing different elements. Each Form is capable of having 4 Special Moves, mapped to either the face buttons of a controller or the arrow keys. This allows a more diverse play style, and giving the player more control over what buttons do what action.

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The bars here are also capable of animating, using the updated Tween system in Godot 4. The left is also a Viewport that shows the player (would look better if they weren't a dull capsule 😆). I am thinking about moving this to the top, so controls can be on the bottom.

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Here is a screenshot. Quite early on, but I got the Datalogue plugin to work for Godot 4 Alpha 14. many other things too!

Made some cookies that looks like rocks!

Made with cream chips (meant to do white chocolate), condensed milk, crushed Oreos, and cocoa powder (only the brown ones have it). Stuffed with salted cashews.

Recipe came from Bakeland: Nordic Treats Inspired by Nature, written by Marit Hovland (

Oddly enough, my post mortem to my game, Wreck at Delta Blue, got more views at a much faster rate than the update pages.

As a second post on Mastodon, here are some (one was born with a small tail :ablobcatheartsqueeze: )


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