Added ability to modify individual behavior settings for a character via script. For example:
entity["npc1"].behavior["move_direction"] = NORTH;
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@tilvids @peertube I am all for PeerTube but I think being on YouTube is unfortunately key for getting discovered. Using PeerTube exclusively locks you in the FOSS bubble, ensuring nobody outside of that space will find your stuff. On PeerTube people will find you only if they really want to find you. SepiaSearch is a move in the right direction.
I don't rely on YT money. Donations from my viewers are a key part of my income from making videos, but taking down my YT channel would be detrimental.

After Hurricane Fiona swept through Canada, I just got my power back. Yay!

Is that last hill kicking your butt?

Scandinavia’s got you covered.
The Trampe, which transports cyclists, ski-lift-style, up a 20-degree incline in Trondheim, #Norway.

@tallship @daniel I feel like having a simple, yet powerful way to search through federated repos would be quite valuable for developers. and may still be the two main options for hosting open source software, partially for that reason.

I notice a lot of GitLab repos get mirrored onto Github and vice-versa, for those purposes of visibility. For example, many apps mirror from Gitlab to Github. Hopefully, federation via can reduce the need for this.

Congratulations to Godot for releasing the first beta of Godot 4.0! I've been testing out each official alpha, and have enjoyed the direction it has been going!

@BrodieOnLinux I was affected by this the day before I was going for a vacation trip! Fortunately there is a workaround, but still wish it was formally announced

Make sure you're paying attention to your pacman output because Arch isn't fixing the grub issue, just adding a very easy to miss warning

The next step might be art, but I would also like to get the code for instancing Special Moves put in place. Everything else relating to Special Moves are ready, so it's a matter of what happens *when* the move is used.

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One mechanic is the ability to change the move loadout of the player. They have 3 "Forms", each representing different elements. Each Form is capable of having 4 Special Moves, mapped to either the face buttons of a controller or the arrow keys. This allows a more diverse play style, and giving the player more control over what buttons do what action.

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The bars here are also capable of animating, using the updated Tween system in Godot 4. The left is also a Viewport that shows the player (would look better if they weren't a dull capsule 😆). I am thinking about moving this to the top, so controls can be on the bottom.

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Here is a screenshot. Quite early on, but I got the Datalogue plugin to work for Godot 4 Alpha 14. many other things too!

I realized that I haven't posted much about my game dev work, so I'll be changing that!

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