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Had a blast at the festival last night in Auchel, near Lille, in memory of Lucie recently lost her battle with anorexia. So much love and kindness from everyone at the festival. We’re grateful we could be a part of this year’s festival!

We've balanced our set list with a bit of each of our first two albums, “Smoke my Brain” and “Opus Vitae”, and a few songs from our third album, “L'envol du corbeau” to be released later this year, so that should make everyone happy 🦇 We'll try and record some videos and share them here.

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Absolutely thrilled to be sharing the stage (again) with legendary bands such as Jacquy Bitch, Modèle Martial (feat. ex members of Bunkerstrasse), Red Zebra, Alk-a-line, The Doctors and Eydolon.

I still remember listening to Neva, Jacquy Bitch and Red Zebra for the first time a couple of decades ago. I'm so looking forward to seeing them live again.

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We're back after a busy period. This is probably going to be the last gig before we get to release our new album “L'envol du corbeau” this autumn!

🦇 Come and meet us at Lucie A’Live festival on Sunday 14 August, in Auchel (near Lille). Looks like we'll be on around 18:30

Uploading the music video with better audio to a PeerTube instance, but the transcoding might take some time. I’ll post the link when it’s ready!

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There's an issue with the sound being overcompressed. The original audio isn't as compressed.

We'll reupload a version with a better sound later. Sorry for that.

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Hey lovely people, tomorrow we'll be releasing a new song and music video for , so stay tuned :)
The song is called “Eternal Night” and it's from our next album to be released later this year.

Quick rehearsal today at Tarántula Estudio in . Super nice studio and lovely people! We added a couple of extra songs to our set for this , starting tomorrow with our first gig in Torreón

Our gig in Oaxaca on March 27 has been canceled, due to planning issues that are beyond our control. The local promoters Gothic Oaxaca Productions are still going ahead with three great band, so please reach out to them if you have any questions! Needless to say we’re super sorry and disappointed and we apologize to everyone who wanted to see us there, but it looks like there was no other choice.
No changes to the other dates of the tour that will still go as planned.

We'll be starting our tour in Torreón on Thursday! Playing with Futuro Fracaso, IX Advenom and Bazar Punk. Doors open at 8 PM. See you there 🦇

Starting our Mexican tour next week, we'll be playing in , , Cuidad de ( City) and ! Absolutely thrilled.

We'll be playing our next album entirely, plus a lot of songs from our first album, and a few songs from our second album :)
Hard to choose, but we're really happy with the setlist.

More updates soon!

We recorded the second part of the drums for the next album yesterday! Beautiful DW drum kit and fantastic people of Lift Studios in Edinburgh, Scotland.

We recorded the first part of the drums right before the pandemic hit in 2020, but then we had to put everything on hold for various life and health reasons.

Feels so good that we could finally finish the recordings! Now getting everything ready for some editing and then mixing.

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