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Does it count as a midlife crisis if it starts early on in your life and just lasts a really long time?

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I'm not here for any drama or stress. Enough of that in the world already. I'm just here to shitpost, can't have enough of that.

physically, yes, bugs are edible. But emotionally? I don't think I could take it.

Me: *Finally releases the first full release of my game*
Also me: *is too shy to talk about my game*
Also also me: Why is nobody playing my game

Me: Hmm, This friend of mine always messages me first. I should message them first to make sure they know I am invested in talking to them.
My brain: Actually they'll think you're clingy and hate you
Me: Do you have a source for that
My brain: Just trust me.
Me: Can't argue with that logic.

has anyone else snapped their fingers and have each of hand joints pop in a brief but excruciating moment or is it just me.

how is it that I can sleep for so long and still be so so tired

How am I supposed to keep believing in myself when I never did in the first place.

*procrastinates something I really want to do by doing things I don't really want to do*

Those memes about not having 2020 vision weren't wrong.

Advice from one of my headmates: "So just chill it. Chill it and get some food."

Ya know, it's really annoying how you can back up their own opinion with facts and reasoning, but still have your opinion dismissed becuase other people who have it are idiots and so people just assume you're an idiot too.

So I bit the inside of my lip and it got swollen, becuase of course it did. So I'm sucking on an ice cube to try to sooth it. I have no idea if it's working, but it's sure making my mouth cold.

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