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I do things like:

Narrate unusual stories.
Write songs and minimalist music.
Contemplate the meaning of it all. (Ontology.)

I'm not interested in:


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I'm looking for a similar thing for film like @Alamantus 's alternative to called or @tripofmice 's . Currently I'm using Letterboxd. Any suggestions?

We're off to a local pub for the first time in ages. Might be a bit surreal - even before alcohol is imbibed. 🍺

The British band XTC produced some of the finest, harmonically complex pop songs ever. Possibly.

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I'm now running Linux Mint on an old Dell Latitude, and Kubuntu on my MacBook Pro.

Both had a little tweaking required, but surprisingly little. WiFi drops out occasionally on the Dell, but not (so far) on the MBP.

isn't syncing at all though, which is annoying.

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We are LIVE. Nulla DJ set first, then Shekuza Live, followed by Terranigma.

Have a electro Friday!

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Hello. How are you. Where are you based?

20.04 now fully installed on mid-2012 MacBook Pro. Touchpad driver perfect. WiFi drivers working well. Audio good.

Fingers crossed. 😀

I'm experimenting with various Linux distros on my mid 2012 MacBook using live USBs with a a view to obliterating MacOS forever.

Mint works quite well - HDMI problems, but audio and video good, and recognises my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 audio interface which I got a good recording through using Audacity.

Trackpad *slightly* "sticky".

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At what distance does singing become dangerous?

"The experiments clearly show that air is only set in motion in the immediate vicinity of the mouth when singing. In the case of the professional singer, the experiments showed that at a distance of around 0.5 m, almost no air movement can be detected, regardless of how loud the sound was and what pitch was sung."


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Ideologically, the #Stockholm scene differs from its international counterparts because of its foundation, which is built on trust and a desire to help one another, rather than competing for global exposure. [Many artists can loan equipment from] EMS via a trust-based system. Additionally, much of the code that artists create with #SuperCollider, a programming language and environment used by many drone musicians in Stockholm, is open source and available for all to use.

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Did you know that a real version of libreoffice exists for android ?

It was fully ported by collabora office, and it is not just the desktop version working but a real android version

"Why You Like It: The Science and Culture of Musical Taste"

by Nolan Gasser

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I have built my own desktop but not my own laptop. But I'd like to build a new laptop into an old case. Has anyone done this/got advice?

#computerbuilding #boostswelcome #discussion #advice

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