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I do things like:

Narrate unusual stories.
Write songs and minimalist music.
Contemplate the meaning of it all. (Ontology.)

Probably older than you.

I'm not interested in:


The Curious Paradox

You are perfect just as you are, and there’s room for improvement.

—Shunryu Suzuki

Thanks for following. Alan Watts is paraphrased by a character in a yarn a friend of mine wrote which I narrated (scroll down here to "The Johnson and Butterworth Question" part 4, if you fancy a listen)

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Do you know someone who has recently claimed #UniversalCredit (UK welfare benefit) or helped someone else to claim it?

I'm leading an 11-week project to try and make it easier for the 25% of people who currently fail to register for UC remotely.

We're just into the prototyping phase and so are looking for (remunerated) user testers.

DM me if you've got leads. Boosts appreciated.

More info about the project here:

@flavigula @Mayana @jayrope Room to the top? The AT is an old 3525. I've had it for over 30 years. TBH I don't have the funds for a really decent mic

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I have to make do with an old Audio Technica small condenser or a Fame F-47

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I used a U47 on a studio round the corner a few years ago an of course it was superb.

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Very simple really. Close-mic, softer. That's it. 😉

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Have tried a new, simple approach to which I suspected might sound better - and it does. :)

Recommended Netflix Series:
"Behind Her Eyes"

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tarot/i ching readings are open [always] in case anyone's wondering x
pay what you can, no pressure, I'll do it for free

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hiphop/rapping in odd time signature

any examples/cool renditions?

@flavigula has brightened my day by sending me one of his contributory tracks for our latest collaboration.

This time, their may be words and voice involved. :)

I am very much enjoying the audiobook version of "Kafka on the Shore" by Haruki Murakami.

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