What's the best (easiest) software to us for an site?

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It depends on what you're trying to do. e-commerce is a pretty broad category. If you're just trying to sell a small amount of product, Shopify or Woo are pretty good sites. If you want to host a yourself, I would go with WHMCS.

@thelonius Mailorder! (just teasing, i haven't found an "easy-to-use" one for myself.)


You mean to create your own e-commerce site?

I'd do it from scratch, but I'm silly that way.

A friend of mine uses Shopify, but I can't really vouch for it myself, because I'm pretty far removed from the e-commerce realm. Take a look, though. He claims it's easy to set up / configure.

Yes, my own site Bubbus. Thanks. I'll check out Shopify.

@thelonius shopify, but it costs. Squarespace, but it costs less. WordPress + Woocommerce, more complex but free.

I do the latter, when it starts making bank I'm heading for Shopify.

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