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What do you think of taxes?

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Missed opportunity to name option #3:

Banking it is better than banning it.

@themadprogramer The taxation of cryptocurrency does not make it less decentralized. When you just look at the transactions, fiat cash is about as decentralized as cryptocurrency (no third party is required to facilitate the transaction, only the buyer and the seller). It is reasonable to expect fiat cash transactions to be taxed, and it is reasonable to expect cryptocurrency transactions to be taxed.

An interesting solution to decentralizing “tax” is something like what Cardano has implemented. They have created a “treasury” account, which a portion of each transaction fee is sent to. The funds in this account are then controlled by the community voting on proposals for distributing the funds.

@robby Ok but what about currencies whose central banks are under their respective government's control? Or really any country with forex taxes?

Centralization comes in many forms, does it not?

P.S. That Cardano idea does seem interesting, I think I'll have a look at it

@themadprogramer I don’t understand, what about those currencies?

@themadprogramer if it exists, they will find a way to tax it. Neither pro or against but eventually somebody will try it

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