I’ve always liked the Yakuza series but I’m definitely enjoying Judgment much more. You get the crazy combat (see below) but the detective story and investigation mechanics are really fun. Not to mention Yagami seems like a more interesting protagonist so far.

Pretty good from

A lot of pretty games, little something for everyone. I know I’m looking forward to Wildfrost and I may give Mini Motorways a try.

Xbox may not be my preferred platform, but I really appreciate the level of effort they put into maximizing the access points to their games.

Parent-in-laws stayed in my games room for the weekend. Didn’t have access to my consoles but I have a computer upstairs and was able to play my Series X like I was playing on a TV.

Very convenient when everyone goes to bed I wanna play video games.

Parents gave their old Sony CRT TV so the kids finally get to play original Nintendo the right way.

Another thing I love about @Mastodon, it takes about five minutes to get verified and I don’t have to risk identity theft by sending in my driver’s license.

Duolingo is definitely helping me learn a language I probably should have studied long ago. It’s biggest flaw however, is the competitive nature it fosters by placing us in leagues based on how many lessons we complete.

It stopped being about learning a new language somewhere between getting into the Obsidian league and me cursing out someone every time they passed over me in the ranking.

Whenever I hear the term “blockchain”, I immediately flashback to the 90s when members of my family signed up as entrepreneurs for Amway to sell their products at “sales parties”.


This week we talk Sonic Spinball, Tunic, "game preservation", and adding sports to Switch Sports. Serious answers only, obviously.

It's Episode 769: Hangin' and Bangin'

t.co/yjvsV1y9vX t.co/uikczVevyR

Hey to the new folks here on I’ve yet to meet, let me provide an

I like new and old, and talk about them on a called The Thirsty Mage. This week, we played through the new remaster of on the and .

If you’d like to listen to some fans talk about the game, here’s a link to the episode: anchor.fm/thethirstymage/episo

A full week of avoiding sports betting, crypto bros and NFT promotions, it’s like being on a wonderful vacation in a deserted island.

I also enjoy that my timeline has an end point. This is what the people I know had to say today, that’s it, this finite number of toots. I can just hop and hop out within a few minutes and know I didn’t miss anything.

It’s great here at

Just finished Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy and I gotta say, that is a fantastic game on

Less than a month now until the season 4 premiere. Anyone else a fan of the show?

“The only thing to fear, is fear himself”

Been Freddy Kreugering this place for a few days now, still having loads of fun.

The fellow at Tim Horton’s was so close to handing me my coffee lol.

Everyone potentially being on different servers here is an interesting arrangement.

If anyone can direct me to the lounge that would be much appreciated.

Based on who I know is here so far, it’s possible that Tubtime is a requirement for access.

Slowly making progress on Mastodon. I can at least see the people I’m trying to follow though it won’t let me actually click on them yet.


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