Just wanna ask a political question.

Would you like to see to be reversed?

Reboost are really appreciated :)


I think that is definitely true. Russia has devastated many people regardless of their motives of the invasion. They are able to look for other alternatives to reach their demands instead of triggering a deadly war. I don't know why most of British decided to leave EU in the referendum, but I agree with your comment.

@thisisfilber7 @Chris ,The #Uk / Mainly #England ,Been Mass Conditied To Vote: #ToryParty ,Ever Since Men & Women Could Vote,

More Uk 🇬🇧 Press ,Such As: Newspapers, Tabloid's, Radio, & NOW Tv 📺 With: #GammonBaconNews Channel Thanks To: #AndrewNiel Aka #BBC Ex-Employed & More :(

#ERG In #ToryParty Are Extremism & More Extremism Than: #EDL , #BNP , #UKIP , :( 😞

Uk & USA Press Owned & Run By Toxic Right/Far Right CONservatism Values, Ideologies, Extremism, Voices, & Powerful Overeach :( #Brexit

@Scott1984FP @Chris

I should learn more :)
I do not really understand about UK political party, but still I want to keep my neutrality.

@thisisfilber7 @Chris ,Well The Eldest Is: #ToryParty 200-400+ Years Old (Its A Split Up Hundreds Years Ago), Lib Dems Also Used To Be The Liberal Democrats Party, Another Split, Not Sure How Old From Memory Either :/ 🤔

TheLabourParty ,Are 104+ Years Old & Has A 104+ Years Relationship/Partnership With Them, Some Are Labour Party & CO-OP Party MP's,

Under First Past The Post, Its Choose Labour Or Get Tory Party :( 😞

Most Parties In #England Wasted In #GeneralElections ,Unlike Council,


The process:

1) Brexit

2) Northern Ireland votes in Sinn Féin, who start the process of a united Ireland, and therefore back in the EU.

3) Scotland votes for independence and rejoins the EU and strengthens ties to Scandinavia through oil and fishing.

4) Wales desperately try to do the same and are stuck with England, who still have a Tory government pushing further right.


Well, I would like to see the EU before Brexit. Just amazing that more than 20 governments are willing to cooperate in many sectors regardless of the weaknesses. UK has left EU, but Scotland, North Ireland and Wales are still willing to join EU. EU is a great rolemodel for others to follow, I think.

About Scotland, North Ireland and Wales, I just wish the best for them to figure out the best outcome with the UK.

@thisisfilber7 Yes, but also the evil Tory government removed. And while you're at it, get rid of monarchy as well?


Ahahaha this is a bit dangerous one for me. Well, it depends on one's view on the monarchy itself. At this moment, I can't give any comment about it, not because I am scared of speaking out, but I want to keep my neutrality. I have never heard amything about the monarchy and I still respect them greatly. Just read an article that most people regret preferring Brexit now.

@thisisfilber7 I'm going to guess there is very little overlap between people who like decentralised FOSS social media platforms (which relies on cooperation and goodwill) and people who think the UK would prosper without EU membership (which relies on cooperation and goodwill)

@thisisfilber7 honestly, no. Maybe in 10 years but England is too broken right now to be trusted in the EU.

@thisisfilber7 making decisions for the common good rather than for quick political points in the Daily Express.

@thisisfilber7 ,

Yes :)

Voted Yes :)

Voted: #RemainEU ,At The Time Too :)

Went: #PeoplesVote 2nd #London's 2018/2019 People's Vote In #HydePark ,From Memory :)

Bought #BollocksToBrexitYellowStickers , Signed Petitions, Shared Rants & Concerns ,Etc,

Go Find #Guardian #CaroleCadwalla On: #Twitter.Com Too :)

Push For Full/Not Even Properly Investigated #RussianReports / #RussianReport ,



@thisisfilber7 , If Uk Have Damaged Police, Press, Governments & Weak Oppositions ,& Poor Political Education/Awareness/Understanding #FPTP , & Basic Education & Individuals Learning Independent Researching Skills,

The #EUReferendum ,Likely Swayed/Won ,Due To Fraud, Scamming, Backhanders Manipulation, Distraction Techniques, Misinformation, Lies, Bigotry, Etc,


Should In Theory Been Non/Voided, & Overturned If Possible By Joint Uk Government & EU 27 / Courts, Might Take Yrs

@thisisfilber7 ,Might Take Yrs,


Never Happening AGAIN,


#Brexit ,Could Self Inflected Harms, Sufferering, For A Decade ,Or 2024 / 2029 If New Governments Get In & People Can Admit We've/They've Been Conned By Many, Didn't Understand #EU ,Trade Deals, Customs & Checks, Etc,


Admitting This Could Take Years Before Enough/Majority Push To Overturn, Investigate Properly, Or PUSH #ReJoiningEU Or Something :/ :(

@Scott1984FP @thisisfilber7
#Brexit will be defended by those who started the estrangement to the #EU
And the UK may become a haven for oligarch money, which means that a corrupt league of politicians won't have an incentive to rejoin the EU. Given the rise of the fascist right which has nationalist ambitions, the disinformation war will continue and intensify.
.We are in trouble unless Putin shocks the world out of this and the fascists keep silent again.

@silkester @thisisfilber7 ,Yes Sadly Been Massively Manipulated, Conditioned,

On A Mainly & Already Leaning/Conditioned To Toxic Right/Far Right CONservativism Governments, Oppositions, Parties, Press, For Several Decades & Centuries,

So Ripe For Taking Upto The Run Of: #EUReferendum , 2014/2015-2016 Or Before: 2014/2015-2016 Onwards :/ :(

#RussianReports / #RussianReport Missing For Months/Years Too :/

Meaning Uk Rot & Uk POLITICAL PARTIES ROT DEEP, Especially In Tory Party

@thisisfilber7 I voted against Brexit, thought it was a disaster for the UK (and a bit harmful for the EU and the world in general) and would very much like it to have never happened. Still, I voted “no” here as reversal now, given the behaviour of the (mostly Tory) politicians since the referendum, would make Britain's [¹] membership very difficult. Maybe in a few decades…

[¹] I mean Britain, the island. I could see NI as part of a united Ireland fitting in fine. Ditto an independent Scotland.

@thisisfilber7 I want to answer yes …and no! I did in the beginning however the division and toxicity that stupid referendum has caused makes me feel that the best way forward is slowly…re-join customs union and single market first…so I guess my answer is no…yet I’m no brexiteer…very much a remainer!

@thisisfilber7 well given the way we’ve behaved I think it will take time to build back trust…so yes it will be like starting from scratch…we threw it all away! And why?

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