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Today I just need to get these samba permissions figured out.

Well I got plex and my torrents all set up. I also set up ZNC, the lounge, Samba, and an https domain for it. I've never installed znc myself, and setting up an nginx reverse proxy for the lounge was a bitch, but it's all good to go.

Now I'm moving all of my torrents over. I went with Deluge again. Probably should have gone with rutorrent. Probably going to regret this.

@valere Thanks for hosting Hostux, my introduction into the fediverse. Hope life treats you well.

Moving these external drives over has cut down my pc's boot time by like 30 seconds. I never had them in the boot order so I wonder what the issue was.

I'm finally doing the to my Raspberry Pi. Join me as I live-toot it. I just finished setting up Plex's permissions for my external drives.

New to this Mastodon after my other instance is shutting down :(


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