@thunderbird Hello. I love Thunderbird and am using it the third time, with my third Mac. I love #Thunderbird deeply. I have several personal domain emails. But is Owl really needed to have an Exchange email? I only want to keep my alumni email, which uses Exchange. I shouldn't have to pay $10 a month I don't have just to have my alumni email. Please find an alternative.

Άντε βρε πουλάκι μου και σε περιμέναμε

@thunderbird does this mean we can expect Firefox and Mozilla as well? 🤔

Welcome @thunderbird but let's stay sceptical if this is an official account. There's no verification yet. If you want to include it on your profile: docs.joinmastodon.org/user/pro section "Link Verification"

@guerda @thunderbird

They've posted the Mastodon account's address on their official Twitter:


...but yes, link verification would be brilliant!

@FediFollows @guerda @thunderbird that's "nice". Let's teach people to check Twitter / Reddit for confirmation.

Geez, this is really starting to drive me nuts.

Primary source - who dis??

Stop making people search for this all over the known net!

Damn it J., how often did I tell you?

@aronkvh @thunderbird That wasn't me yet. Did appreciate the Pokemon reference though!

You'll know when I get started!

@thunderbird welcome! Shame you're not on a smaller FOSS-themed instance though :P

@killyourfm @thunderbird YES! Toot away! I’m excited to hear more 🥰 Thunderbird often flies under my radar but I foresee that changing 😇

@Schykle @thunderbird And that's fair! I understand why.
But Imma beat you over the head with it pretty soon <3

@thunderbird It would be nice to see a link to this mastodon account at the bottom of this page right next to the other social networks

@thunderbird why aren’t you on Fosstodon with the other open source cool kids? 😉

@thunderbird Welcome. But it would be nice, if you could verify yourself with the linked websites on your profile.

Where can one verify that this is an official account? Link verification or at least a source to verify in your profile or even a toot would be awesome.

@jeybe Noted! I'll talk to the web dev team to get some proper verification in place.

Cool, thanks!
The official way would be link verification, resulting in a blue tick next to the link in your Mastodon profile, proofing that you own the thunderbird.net website and therefore that this account is official.

See docs.joinmastodon.org/user/pro section "Link verification" at the bottom on how to do so.

I have been using TB 100.* beta and am loving it.  I particularly enjoy the new Address Book layout, which has been teased for years now.

@adam Happy to hear it. Can't wait for you to see TB 114!

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