Hey ! 👋

What are you favorite Thunderbird add-ons?

Torbirdy was great.
Is there any alternative yet?

Mais... Je croyais qu'enigmail n'était plus utile ! Les fonctionnalités du modules n'ont-elles pas été intégrées à @thunderbird ?

@thunderbird enigmail.
Such a pity that the replacement does not support sender rules.

@thunderbird LookOut, Remove Duplicate Messages, Simple Mail Redirection, EditEmailSubject MX 🙂

@thunderbird TbSync, Owl for Exchange and Allow HTML Temp

@thunderbird i liked firetray when it was still compatible 😔

@eichkat3r @thunderbird You might want to take a look at

I use it since Firetray was completely broken and am happy with it.

@thunderbird Not using many, but the ones I do are important to me:
-Limit non-BCC recipient
- FileLink for Nextcloud
- DKIM Verifier

The BCC one should really be a standard feature of every mail client in my opinion.

@thunderbird TbSync for SOGo & @nextcloud sync :boost_ok: , as well as EditEmailSubject MX especially for ScanToMail :bloblewd:

Enigmail! Unfortunately the embeded GPG-Version in Thunderbird cannot handle the job as half as well.

@thunderbird Display Mail User Agent & Full Address column (this one should definitively be implemented as standard feature)

@benedikt @thunderbird Yes, CardBook is a must-have. Should be integrated in Thunderbird.

@thunderbird for starters:
- Display Mail User Agent
- DKIM Verifier
- Simple Mail Redirection

@thunderbird -Allow HTML Temp
-Provider für CalDAV & CardDAV
-PrintingTools NG
-DKIM Verifier
-Remove Duplicate Messages
-Simple Mail Redirection
-Full Address column

Probably Tbsync for how it has eased the setup of cal/carddav accounts.
Although Thunderbird has caught up with version 91, Tbsync remains useful.

@e_jim @thunderbird
Does this mean that TB has CalDav / CardDav sync without an addon now?

@thunderbird It was enigmail - until you totally broke autocrypt and made PGP encryption a total and impractical mess. 😡

@dagaz @thunderbird did EFAIL ever get properly fixed or was it just the work around with enigmail and thunderbird?

@thunderbird My favorite add-on was Enigmail. Now my encryption is broken. Thanks for nothing. 🙁

- Allow HTML Temp
- Compact Headers
- Manually Sort Folders

Moin :-) @thunderbird , i really loved to use Mnehny in the past, one playful feature i miss today is the text (en)coding ("ROT-13, Base64, UUEncode/UUDecode, encodeURI/decodeURI and similar, Unicode/number
representation, Kenny-Speak, 1337-Speak, Morse, Reverse,...") und its other useful features (Custom Headers for emails, X-Faces :D). Maybe it find some new developer :blobcatcoffee:

Allow HTML Temp, as I read my email in plain text.
Compact Headers, to reclaim screen real estate
Disable DragAndDrop, as I found myself doing so accidentally too often

@thunderbird I use LanguageTool and Quicktext with almost every e-mail I send.


Oh, hi there 👋
I just use plain Thunderbird 😁 And waiting for 102 version with longwaited Matrix support 🥵

— Monterail full dark
— Conversation
— SysTray-X ( to get Thunderbird in my system tray.
— TBSync

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