@thunderbird hey! Nice to see you here! I'm a daily user since many many years, and donor as well. I really hope there's the possibility to modernize the UI/UX of your software to some modern standards. Main issue: why do I have to see so many tiny lines for each email? I'm always struggling with the columns and also it's such a waste of space! Can't we have the fields stacked? I understand there's a core of TB users out there that are very vocal on any minimal change. But cmon, it's 2022 :)


@mauro First of all, thanks for your support Mauro!

Regarding the UI/UX, believe me the team hears you. And for the last couple of years, some heavy development work has been underway to modernize the interface.

Thunderbird 114 is where the visual overhaul happens! (And for that minority who won't like it, we'll offer a Thunderbird Classic view).

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@thunderbird That's great news indeed! Since I'm on beta now and it's 101, when is it gonna be 114? Thanks!

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