In 2021, we were fortunate and thankful to have received $2,796,7929 in donations from our awesome Thunderbird users.

99% of our donations come from users like you, and we're transparent about it.

You can view breakdowns of donations and spending since 2017 at:

If you'd like to support Thunderbird's development and growth, please consider a donation at

@VincentTunru Yes. Yes it definitely is. Just remove that last "9." Apologies!

@thunderbird Nice to see you on Fedi, Thunderbird!

If I have one wish: don't waste time rewriting the UI or making it more web-like, and instead just fix the bugs 🙏🏻

Oh, and builtin CalDAV and CarDAV support would be nice.

@thunderbird Woah, thats huge. Never thought people would be that much interested in thunderbird. Amazing    I believe that the upcoming v.100  has built-in CalDAV.

not sure about CarDAV


Willingly sharing the fake news hoping they will become true in 2022.

Great work with Thunderbird 91, with better UI, CardDAV support and more.

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