If you're feeling adventurous this weekend, did you know Thunderbird has a regularly updated Beta version?

Thunderbird Beta software is:
☑️ Fully localized in dozens of languages (hopefully yours!)
☑️ Available for Windows, macOS and Linux
☑️ Packed with the newest features and bug fixes
☑️ Stable

You can download it from here:

@thunderbird a stable Beta? Hmm. Not sure if I'm convinced. The use of a Beta is to find problems caused by new features, isn't it?

@thunderbird Are there repositories to make it easy to always have the current beta?

I could not find one,so just installed it locally,  but it has been updating itself

@thunderbird for the very adventurous there's a nightly version too.

@usul @thunderbird Yes and I'm using the nightly daily and I have seen breaking stuff very rare.

@thunderbird does anyone know if a native conversations view (like Gmail) is on the Thunderbird roadmap? The Thunderbird Conversations extension is not very good. This is the single issue that is holding up lots of friends and family from migrating away from Gmail.

I see it listed here, but there is no bug tracker associated:

@thunderbird Fair to mention that some addons you might be used to are not necessarily compatible with each beta release, so better backup your profile foldere before trying out.

@dacapo always good advice. always back up everything all the time to all the places.

@thunderbird My family and I very much enjoy the Beta. Problems we've had with it have been small. We always back things up just in case.

I install it from direct download. I'm too impatient to wait on a repository. I gotta have it within minutes of release.

I won't do the nightlies. That might make me work too hard.

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