Landing on Thunderbird Daily later today: global font size setting control.

This will allow you to change the font size of the entire application, independently from the zoom level of single messages.

It currently doesn't work for dialogs, but it's a start. More improvements soon

@thunderbird This will be very well received, quite a few of my customers have reduced vision and it can be quite tricky to get all of the necessary changes made. Thank you!

@imnotafeline @thunderbird I'm not up to speed on Thunderbird's Flatpak offerings yet. Do you happen to know @ryanleesipes or @alecaddd?

@imnotafeline We don't maintain the flatpak release (yet), but this will be available in 102 once it's release at the end of June.

@alecaddd Sweet! I'll just slide y'all a donation and patiently wait for the goodness to trickle on down. Thanks!

@thunderbird one thing that's bugged in my thunderbird is the drag-and-drop file attachment, it crashes the software when I try to drop an attachment. No idea why 🥲
Other than that is pretty great IMHO

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