Happy Monday! Some of you asked if there's an official Mozilla server, and there is:

Head over to When Mozilla instance on Fediverse coming? haha!

Would be nice to see, same with Firefox! :peek_sage:​​:cool_felix:


I rather wonder how can get it to run with another server?
There is only the field "Username" and "Server". Both are filled in and I get the information that the Matrix account cannot be identified.
A verification with another client does not exist at all?!
Or do I need a thunderbird account for this???

@rumo @thunderbird I'm not sure I entirely understand what issue you're having. You filled in your username and homeserver, and it reports that it can't find the server?

I'm not sure what you mean by verification by another client doesn't exist, you can verify your other sessions and they can verify you.

Not sure what you mean by a "Thunderbird account", if you mean an account on the Mozilla Matrix homeserver, then no, any Matrix homeserver should work.

@freaktechnik @thunderbird

As I said, I could only enter nickname, server and password. More does not come there.

I have not found any other place where I could change, or correct if necessary. That is why the account is created twice. I don't even have the possibility to delete the second one.

@rumo @thunderbird

Since there seems to be a valid matrix server at something must be going wrong while trying to contact it. Just to make sure, you're on the latest Beta 101.0b2?

You can't change server information after the account has been created, correct.

Account management is a bit clunky. To delete an account, click on "Einstellungen" (Settings) and when the account is selected in the tree on the left hand side, use the dropdown at the bottom to remove it.

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