@thunderbird thunderbird never went away baby. its always been great.

kind of wondering about the for-profit reorganization though. what will the monetization model be?

@JuleLe @wagesj45 To be very clear, we have no plans for monetizing Thunderbird except through donations.


There's no for-profit reorganization. Recently a for-profit company was created to contain Thunderbird (which is called MZLA). That's because housing it in Mozilla Foundation is impractical.

General open-source software development is NOT a charitable purpose in the US, so a 503(c) is limited in how much money it can spend on that.

@thunderbird @JuleLe
thanks for explaining. that makes sense. hopefully i didnt come off all :ackchyually: :stallman: on you. was just a structure i wasnt familiar with.

keep up the good work!

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