The Thunderbird 102 Beta is live & loaded with new features! Download it, test it, and help the global Thunderbird community make this release the best it can be.

Our 102 Beta hub has your download, guides, and other resources to improve your experience. Learn if the beta is right for you, how to use it side-by-side with your existing stable version, and much more here: Whoop whoop! I first thought I was seeing ghosts haha! But then I realized it was not there before haha!

I run an immutable Linux OS, so I'd love it if Thunderbird made the beta channel available via flatpak :ablobcatwink:

@papiris Hearing you loud and clear, and it's something I'm personally trying to make happen. Unfortunately, our resources are stretched a bit thin right now and I don't think we can accomplish this for the 102 Beta.

That being said, this is all open source and we encourage the community to lend us a hand!

Bottom line: We do want this option for our Linux users, and it will happen in the near future even if I have to learn to do it myself :D


@thunderbird out of curiosity i tried the beta a moment ago.

Good that I backed up my ~/.thunderbird folder, because once you use it with Beta, old TB doesn't want it back! IMHO this hint is missing on your beta homepage!

But Kudos: I love the look!

Also setting up the profile has become very easy. I have to say I haven't setup thunderbird in like 5 years or so (always smoothly upgrading...), so this might have been like this for longer 🤔

@aslmx Thanks for the feedback! Just curious, did you accept the default installation options/location when installing the beta? Or did you select a custom location?

@thunderbird Well... I did extract the zip file into ~/Downloads/thunderbird

After realiziing it does use the default-beta profile by default, i used the "-profilemanager" switch to invoke the profile manager and choose my default profile.

It could load my default profile, tough my main email account(-tree) was not properly loaded for some reason.

I could easily restore my old profile from the zip after the beta has changed the profile and locked out the default-install.

@thunderbird can these be added to the Thunderbird beta PPA?

Looks good so far. Just tried the Matrix support in 102 and it connected to my Matrix server easily and synced all my rooms. Good work!
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