THE PROBLEM: You want to use Thunderbird 102 right now, but your client is not auto-updating.

THE SOLUTION: In order to ensure smooth, bug-free upgrades, we're rolling out the automatic update from Thunderbird 91 to 102 gradually. However, you can download Thunderbird 102 manually from and install it in the same location you have Thunderbird 91 installed.

This will serve as an upgrade from 91 to 102, and your data, settings, and profile will be preserved.

@thunderbird Thank you! I am sure it will be in the arch repo soon.


... But if you do so, you may actually get a problem with some (still incompatible) Addons - for example: and
Both are important for me to sync my business calendar and contacts with TB into my Nextcloud-WebDav-Calendar. After upgrading I can't go back to TB-Version 91, because the profile (database ...) won't be able to downgrade: So you have to make a backup of your profile BEFORE upgrading!

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