This week, we begin the serious work on Thunderbird 114. There's a lot to plan, define, and schedule for a year that will bring drastic UI and UX changes.

A lot of the changes may upset some users and amaze others.

Every step of the way, we want to be transparent.

You'll see early mock-ups. You'll hear about plans and proposed solutions throughout the development process.

We'll be writing plenty of documentation and support articles to help users w/ the transition...

Our Beta release channel will be used as a testing ground.

Beta will be treated like a rolling release. User testing and continuous feedback will be VITAL to the success of Thunderbird 114.

If you can afford to have your email app a bit unstable on some occasions, please consider running Beta. Help us build the best 114 we can!

@AppleOnTech @lapor Yes, we want to take ownership of Flatpak distribution, AND open a Beta channel option.

I'm pushing for this, and we have some help lined up. Just need to get clear of the 102 release cycle and ensure everything is smooth sailing there.

@thunderbird Saw this UI preview picture posted by your official twitter account.

Can't wait ;)

@thunderbird Still waiting for 102 to get to PopOS 22.04 officially, lol. But looking forward to what's coming over the next year. It's definitely the right move on Thunderbird's part as it was getting long in the tooth.....

@danielg We're being extra cautious before auto-upgrading version 91 users. Once we hit a certain threshold of users who've manually downloaded/upgraded and ensure there are no game-breaking bugs, we'll start flipping the switch.

It should be any day or hour at this point.

@thunderbird Bring on the drastic UI/UX changes. It's the only way to make substantial improvements in a product category where the UI conventions are so stable, perhaps ossified.

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