OK! It's time to update to Thunderbird 102! 👏 🥳

Windows + macOS users: we've enabled manual upgrades from v91 to v102.

Go to ≡ > HELP > ABOUT THUNDERBIRD, and then click the update button! (There may be an interim update to 91.12.0 before you can upgrade to 102)

For our Linux users, we recommend politely asking your favorite distribution when Thunderbird 102 will become available in their software repositories.

@thunderbird Looking forward to the update on Flatpak. Any possibility Thunderbird might adopt ownership of the TB Flatpak?

@CyborgZeta We absolutely plan to take ownership of Flatpak distribution, and we'd like to offer beta options as well.

We only have so many hours and resources, but promise this is on our roadmap.

@thunderbird Thank you for the response. I understand resources and manpower are always limited, particularly with FOSS projects, so don't rush on my account. Just knowing it's on the roadmap is enough for me.

@thunderbird @CyborgZeta I've always wanted to learn what goes into packaging for and managing a Flatpak. I'm very tempted to take this on myself.

@thunderbird I might give thunderbird a try again given your presence on the fediverse. Evolution is getting kinda "old"
Keep it coming 💪💪

@r3pek @thunderbird
Evolution is getting old, but Thunderbird is old for a long time 😆

@r3pek @thunderbird
Wow, my bad. Looks like Evolution is 3 years older 🤯

@skobkin well, it was old the last time I tried it. Now is looking better at least 😛
Plus, it has plug-ins...

@skobkin @r3pek @thunderbird I think, old and reliable is better than bleeding-edge and buggy...

@lemba @skobkin @thunderbird too bad it's 2022 and it doesn't have a sieve plug-in... Thunderbird on the other hand 😏

@r3pek @lemba @thunderbird
In my experience all Linux email clients are equally buggy in some way.

Especially if you need them to work with something like Exchange or MS365 for work accounts 🤷‍♂️

Currently I use KMail (KOrganizer), but earlier I used both Evolution and Thunderbird for more than a year each and had problems everywhere.

@skobkin @lemba @thunderbird that's one of the thing that I'm missing. How tha hell every email android client under the sun supports exchange, but not on Linux. Weird... But I can live without it.

@r3pek @lemba @thunderbird
Yeah. Even on PC only KMail and Evolution supports Exchange. Thunderbird does that only with paid extension.

@skobkin @lemba @thunderbird my employer might have a weird server then. It works on Android but no client I tried on Linux worked with it.

@CyborgZeta @skobkin @r3pek @lemba
Let's be real: the existence of proves that not everyone has a flawless experience. And with 20+million active monthly users, a few people will experience some of those bugs.

BUT, as our project continues to grow and is more generously funded by the community (thank you!), we double down our efforts to squash as many bugs as we can!

@r3pek @thunderbird No other Client just works like TB. I've been a power user since... ever! Thx for your dedicated work.

@r3pek tried the latest flatpak-based version? IMHOdoes not make that much of a difference

@thunderbird I had to downgrade again as 102 showed only half of my accounts and didn't allow me to configure them. B"H downgrades on Debian are feasible.

@thunderbird How about you just create an appimage so anyone can run it while we wait for the distros to catch up?

@thunderbird great upgrade, hope to have it on Ubuntu soon. I was wondering if it's possible to add a sender contact photo column in messages list (k9 style), and if contacts can be imported from a google account including contacts photo.

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