Reply to this by tagging your favorite developers and projects. We want to follow them here!

@cjd you're welcome! I know I have been away for a bit, I hope it's all going well. @thunderbird

Yup, doing great. Very busy, hopefully should be doing internet sharing soon 🤞
Currently working on a project to make it possible to share wifi with neighbors and passers-by, all traffic routes through a VPN so you don't take any risk, it's free for basic service but you can pay for a speed upgrade and if you pay, the person sharing gets some of the money.


I humbly suggest @murena , and convince them to embed the new K9Mail / Thunderbird app in their /e/OS #eOS

@benoitb @thunderbird @murena I think their current mail app already is a k9 fork, so yoir wish will probably become reality :)

@realsimon @thunderbird @murena

ORLY? I was not aware of that (but the e.OS version I am currently using is an old one, and I did not even try the provided mail client, but rather installer K9 as usual).

That is a great news, and a very rare occasion to see such a wish becoming reality!


Speaking of @fdroidorg , a huge kudos to @IzzyOnDroid for bringing more and more apps to the repos.

@jcast @dorian @thunderbird @fdroidorg Thanks! But that's not me alone. I'm just more visible in some places 😄 For all the work "behind the scenes", kudos to my team mates!

To me it's primarily all about music: @funkwhale,,, #JackAudioConnectionKit,, and many more plugins and tools by e.g. #FonsAdriaensen, and @falktx among others. Last but not at least and for #ArchLinux's pro audio software packaging.
@chpietsch @thunderbird @briar

Ones I follow:

@libreoffice is always clutch

@Tusky, my preferred Android mastodon client

@netbsd <-- the only #BSD with an official fediverse account!!

@libreleah, Leah Rowe, the excellent developer of @libreboot and #osboot


We need more major FOSS projects like you guys (and also more FOSS content creators) on the #fediverse! :D

Put yer "money" (presence) where yer mouth is, peeps! ;)

Speaking of content creators, we of course have the awesome @vkc, the always informative @ChrisWere, the always wholesome @killyourfm, and the ever-dashing @thelinuxEXP

you should definitly check Delta Chat @delta i would love to see my Delta Chat conversations in my Thunderbird desktop app.

@matiu_bidule @thunderbird @delta there is an autocrypt add-on, which means TB should be usable in parallel with delta:

(Haven't tried yet)

@rakoo @delta @thunderbird

oh great thanks !
what i was thinking about was mostly a design stuff : having my conversations by sender, and in colored bubbles 😁

@rakoo @delta @matiu_bidule @thunderbird I thought that autocrypt can be enabled in settings and this add-on is obsolete now.

@jcast @yunohost A Linux distro aimed at making personal servers easier? NICE!

@thunderbird @yunohost

You don't get "easy" and "postfix" together in the same sentence that often.

You get email AND @xmpp working out of the box without a fuss. Great together with Thunderbird's chat feature.

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