As so much of our lives are bytes on a wire, I'm thrilled to be producing a video series on society and culture in the digital age.

I'm joined by scholastic rebel
Daisy Tam as my co-host, and together we hope to accelerate the critical turn in the Digital Humanities.

In the first season, we'll unpack China's social credit system, speak the language of conspiracy, plot cryptography on the political compass, build trust on the dark web, and much more!

A Dance with Razors,
Errant Soil Stains the Heavens,
Popcorn Arrakis.
~ Golden Son

Dust must split the sky
For a Pyramid looks flat
When seen from the top
~ Red Rising

The forces that shape history don't simply desist once they reach the present.

life is what happens when you don't have time for philosophy

The "Dark Web" should be renamed the "Masked Web".

"The line between research and activism began to blur."

I feel personally attacked.


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