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My brand new website it up! Crafted by my Tricia Isham Web Design, it makes me look way more legit than I really am. Check it out!

My website : timisham.com

Tricia Isham web design: triciaisham.com

Putting the finishing touches on my new website with my professional website designer. Maybe it will be up this week?

It's National Viola Day! Celebrate with this concerto-style performance of Viola Rampage by the SCSCBOA Advanced orchestra!


Here's a sneak peek of Bass Patrol. Pro recording from the publisher usually comes out in the spring, but you can buy the score and parts now:


My school finally got me something I can use. Found this out in the back parking lot this week!

Got my copy of Bass Patrol (formerly known as Basses On Parade). Easy grade 1 bass feature - almost a .5. Put your beginning basses in the spotlight!

It's a little late to order if you want something a scary for your string orchestra for Halloween. There's always next year - plan ahead and check out The Bagel Monster!


Looking for something for your elementary string orchestra that spreads the melodic wealth among all sections? Check out Buccaneer Chanty from Trees and Steel Music. Available digitally and in print from jwpepper.com