Russia has agreed with six African leaders to establish domestic military bases in the territory of their countries, reports the German newspaper Bild. According to journalists, to date, Russians are conducting military cooperation with 21 African countries.

The Champagne case: beyond a billion bottles in the cellar Unsold. Experts: now the prices down. The big brands cut grape orders in half

After the scandal of many years ago, King Juan Carlos will leave the country, the royal palace has announced, weeks after he was linked to an inquiry into alleged corruption. Juan Carlos, 82, made the announcement in a letter to his son, Felipe on Monday the Royal House announced

Earnings Results
Pinterest stock enjoys the best day on record. The company expects about 50% revenue growth for July based on performance through July 29 and anticipates that overall revenue growth for the quarter could be in the high 30% range.

Israel Claim prime minister Dismissal after Israel to acquire nuclear weapons, Thousands demonstrate against Government protest to date calling for the embattled Israeli prime minister to resign, efforts to develop nuclear missiles and other weapons of mass destruction.

Noctilucent clouds appear over Sweden , Sweden on July 25, 2020, This type of NLCs is rare and not fully understood, Dr. Tony Phillips of the reports. One idea, probably the best, comes from a 1988 paper in the Journal of Atmospheric and Terrestrial Physics entitled "The coloured edge of noctilucent clouds."

Patagonia reels from one of its worst winters a storm left 100 trucks stranded and Power outages occurred in various areas temperature near to -30 °C

Nasa: Mars spacecraft out control after is experiencing technical problems and has gone into hibernation, space agency says. 31 july

China Tianwen-1 Mars 19 july
Emirates Mars Mars Hope 23 july

Telegram is making a mark in the instant messaging space

most downloaded and most used apps worldwide in Q2 2020 Telegram has more than 400 million monthly active users.

So, Download Telegram Messenger and enjoy, android , pc and many others

Public broadcasters to close research institute IRT
public broadcasters of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, is to be shut down.

Canal Plus refuses to pay its dues to French cinema” The French satirical weekly Le Canard Enchaîné revealed on Wednesday

old mystery surrounding neutron star in supernova 1987A study core-collapse supernovae through its different phases. Astronomers Find the Neutron Star Leftover from Supernova 1987A. Cardiff University have done something nobody else has been able to do.

Fri, Jul 31 2020 Rupert Murdoch's son steps down from News Corp's board of directors, saying he disagrees with some of the editorial and strategic decisions

Jupiter and Moon on 1 august 2020 evening an almost full Moon is visible this month’s August 3 full Moonrise as a briefly orangey orb. Known as the “Sturgeon Moon” by some Native American tribes and as the “Grain Moon” in the UK,
photo tonynetone

super hot temperature 31 JULY 2020


keep cool like THE Ancient Roman

Hillary Clinton soap opera on Hulu.

Soap opera stars maintain second jobs for profit or pleasure. Statistics indicate that five percent of Americans work a second job, The Surprising Side Jobs of Soap Opera

SOLAR WIND, COMING: A stream of solar wind hit planet Earth magnetic field on 2020 july 29 - 30

Daily Sun by tonynetone

Phoenix Train engulfed in huge fire causing part of a railroad bridge to collapse.

A mysterious long, thin cloud has made another appearance over a volcano in Mars on 16 july 2020 after 2018

the most serious massacres of Italian state terrorism:

Bologna massacre: on August 2, 1980, a bomb exploded
Via Fani massacre: on March 16,1978
Piazza della Loggia bombing: on May 28, 1974, Brescia,
The massacre of Ustica on 27 June 1980
Enrico Mattei 27 October 1962) air bomb

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