Just brought some new comic book brushes, and I absolutely love them. ❤️w❤️

Trying focus on a more simple and toonish style for faces. Makes it easier to work with the eyes. xD

Just got finished watching season 1 of The Expanse after catching episodes from the final season with friends. Really enjoying it so far.

While I'd argue both are pretty bad, at least politicians are obligated to represent the people who voted for them - at least in theory. Billionaires are not held up to any such standard.

I'm an adult and in this chaotic, depressing world we live in, cartoons will always makes me happy. Past, present and future.

A slightly mature sketch of my fursona, Zack. He is a blue furred male fennec that was born with female bits. While he is physically masculine above the waist, he has an equally feminine side to him too.

i finally sucked it up and brought YouTube Premium for mom and I because i got tired of all the ads when i'm not at my desktop.

So is Twitter going to become nothing but Elon's fans fapping to his every word?

Hello imported followers that I had from my old Sergal.org account.


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