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I've been a supporter of @andrestaltz@twitter.com's work for 2 years. patreon.com/gyurilajos/creator
You should be too.
patreon.com/andrestaltz?utm_me I've seen the future years ago, and it was @securescuttleb1@twitter.com: going inter personal, open, born interoperable , secure, off-line first, gossip networks twitter.com/andrestaltz/status

🐦🔗: twitter.com/TrailMarks/status/


Gossip Networks like @securescuttleb1@twitter.com and Commons Based Peer Production of Software and inter personal knowing with @TrailMarks@twitter.com, @MindDriveCo@twitter.com,@TrailHub1@twitter.com is key to
are.na/gyuri-trailmarker/inter by @teamhuman@twitter.com
There's an @AREdotNA@twitter.com Channel for that:

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