I wrote up a post on drop in audio like Clubhouse bmannconsulting.com/blog/2021/

Can we show people how to make open networks with these same features?

I included a bunch of links to existing open source tools that let you do this on the web today.



I read and annotate in Brave
enabled IPFS and it maps IPFS resources into things like
bmannconsulting.com.ipns.localhost:48084/blog/2021/02/13/drop-in-audio/ which is a problem, because annotations will not work across versions.
Worse still, I need to start my IPFS node in the browser.
So there are some rough edges here. I thought as an early peineer of blogging and the one who cares about the future you would be interested to know.

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It's me misconfiguring IPFS settings in brave, setting it to local gateway
Please ignore, perhaps it is too late to say so.

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