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It took me years to realize
that while the network became the computer with the rise of crytpographic hashing DHT and other technologies the network became the commons based peer to peer database, which means silos are history. We can build an InterPersonal People centered internet that would promote Open Commons based peer produced, born interoperable software where the participant in the network will benefit.

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The quote tweet is one of the most infuriating psychological devices ever made


left out the byline

While there is no democratized publishing method for a piece of content yet

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Linked from your digital commonplace book:
Web Annotation as Conversation
Must read. With we want to link conversations over the Annotated Web to conversations in self-directed , personal learning communities

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The thoughtfulness and design of of @Hypothes_is@twitter.com is incredibly valuable to me specifically because it dramatically increases my textual productivity in combination with my digital commonplace book.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/ChrisAldrich/statu

Breaking Tech Open: Why Social Platforms Should Work More Like Email thereboot.com/breaking-tech-op

Reboot. Combine vision and task into a mission: Create a better InterPersonal, People Centered Internet
Weave emergent social meta-designer networks of People & Indie Apps

The @GETDWeb@twitter.com Re-evolution & All Knowledge will be Annotated
via @hypothes_is@twitter.com @worldbrain@twitter.com and others
Augmented by deep interpersonal networked conversations benefiting People as their own(ed) Hubs first, on the People Centered Internet

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Catch up with the @GETDWeb@twitter.com story
and the newly unveiled

DWeb connects the people, projects and protocols essential to building a decentralized web. A web that is more private, reliable, secure and open.

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It's me misconfiguring IPFS settings in brave, setting it to local gateway
Please ignore, perhaps it is too late to say so.


I read and annotate in Brave
enabled IPFS and it maps IPFS resources into things like
bmannconsulting.com.ipns.localhost:48084/blog/2021/02/13/drop-in-audio/ which is a problem, because annotations will not work across versions.
Worse still, I need to start my IPFS node in the browser.
So there are some rough edges here. I thought as an early peineer of blogging and the one who cares about the future you would be interested to know.

Count me in
- ^^So licences can align with the capability dependency graph that the user accesses at the point of access^^
- ^^Cross license collaborative governance rules also require sharing of any proceeds related to licensing.^^
- Ready to cross license this license and share proceeds
- Perfect answer to our needs as
- ^^Indie Web Native Edge-Developer and Edge-user^^

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Kyle Mitchell is a lawyer-engineer who is creating & improving a number of open licenses. He recently created some illustrative examples of his new Cross License Collaboratives.

“XLC implements a very egalitarian, co-op-inspired governance model, because that’s what I want to see and support, and that’s what I thought many folks who might try it would like. I also think it’s among the more intuitive governance models.”

Check it out: xlcollaborative.com/introducti

#coop #licensing #xlc

Personal Knowledge Graphs based Knowing & Intellect Augmentation with
Personal Knowledge Graphs and Networked Thinking is here.
The time for our long held Ideas & prototypes arrived:
Interpersonal, , Commons Based Networked Conversations over All Knowledge, Annotated.

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BrainMaps? @TrailMarks@twitter.com does HyperMaps for your Mind's Graph that can grow into a global giant emergent transitional Minds' Graph: a @cicollaboratory@twitter.com
Yes with all your @hypothes_is@twitter.com annotations linked
to interpersonal conversations powered by @MindDriveCo@twitter.com @FISSIONcodes@twitter.com twitter.com/EternalNo0b/status

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If we could get set editor content from TrailHub with the postmessage plugin installed or other means that would be a path to "Plug Out" to @Etherpad@twitter.com from @TrailHub1@twitter.com. For the moment I stick with my editor as it is on the path to be Personalizable & with @FISSIONcodes@twitter.com

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Really nice experiment showing the power of @EtherpadOrg@twitter.com twitter.com/an_agora/status/13

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@bmann @fission @minddrive
Next stop will be

Surely the place to be for all Indie Edge-Developers and Edge-Users
Constellations Designed form Trust for Trust Commons Based Peer Production of Apps we can trust for a world we want diglife.com/cooperatating at scale

@bmann Where you lead I follow. Seems anywhere, just because you seem to go where I always wanted to be.
First with @fission. Then here @trailmarks and @minddrive and now remarkable.com/. Boldly go where I always wanted to be, but were not knowing where it was but you could point to it

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Sitting at the breakfast table writing what will become a blog post on drop in audio.

Yes, it’s a new reMarkable “paper” tablet. I’m using it in the hopes of better deep reading and writing.

Except for a quick microblog to post a picture of it! remarkable.com/

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