I’m really excited about Apple Silicon – performance and energy consumption statistics are incredible at that price point. But I feel as a developer I will have to wait a little longer until tools such as Docker and VMs are working.

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@treppo Did you read any good articles on the performance benchmark tests?

@treppo great. That's exactly the kind of stuff I wanted to read. Some clear technical explanation of the design choices. Nice find.

@judeswae I wonder what the implications of the JavaScript optimization are. Is that one reason for why all browsers on iOS have to use the built-in WebKit to render? Does Safari on M1 perform much more better than the other browser engines?

@treppo When I read that, my jaw dropped. #Javascript optimization right in the silicon. That’s something I did not expect at all. It frightens me a little. Or maybe, it’s a simplification the author put in the article for the general reader, but it’s a bit more complex than that. I’m not sure. And if it is as mentioned, as you say, does this work with all JS implementation or just the WebKit engine?

@judeswae it makes so much sense though. For sure it’s a simplification and I would like to understand the details a bit better

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