I don’t have a #LinkedIn account. And it’s been harder and harder to keep it that way. From a professional network perspective, it’s a huge #paywall. Without having that access, a lot of the contact information and reference people are sending me is just beyond my reach. And I don’t know what is the right approach at this point. Thoughts?


@judeswae I keep coming back to this question myself every year. Especially now being on a sabbatical and missing the professional network of Thoughtworks. But every time I decide against it. Mostly because my experience there (until ca. 2014) was awful. There is also this: divinations.substack.com/p/lin

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@treppo Thank you. That’s the article I needed to read. I did not know it was this bad in there. ;)

@treppo @judeswae I loved every single line of this .. and I haven't had a LinkedIn account ever since "DevOps" became a part of my job description to retain my sanity and well-being

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